Small Dent Repair

When it comes to small dent repair for your car, quality and value preservation are paramount. Touch Up Guys, with over 25 years of experience as car repair specialists, offers you a solution that not only exceeds your expectations but also maintains your car’s value. Our highly trained and certified technicians are dedicated to providing cosmetic repairs that rival those of a traditional panel shop. We use top-tier automotive paints and have all the necessary insurance coverage in place for your peace of mind.

Discover how we remove small dents from cars in a fast, cost-effective, and convenient manner. We prioritise compliance with licenses and laws that safeguard the well-being of our technicians, customers, and the environment. Learn more about our process and the services we offer.

How We Efficiently Remove Small Dents From Cars

Our approach to removing small dents from cars is designed to be both cost-effective and time-saving. Unlike traditional methods that involve removing the car’s bumper, our technique allows us to work without disassembling major components. This means you won’t lose your car to a panel shop for days on end.

Our mobile service comes to you, whether at your home or workplace, for maximum convenience. We pride ourselves on swift turnarounds, often restoring your car to its previous condition on the same day, in just a matter of hours. Additionally, we offer colour matching, with access to a database of over 55,000 different vehicle colours, ensuring a flawless finish if any paintwork is required.

The Process for Your Small Dent and Scratch Repair:

  1. Request a Quote: Contact us for a quote for your small dent and scratch repair.
  2. Video call / Facetime Inspection: Your local technician will conduct a video call inspection and provide you with a detailed quote.
  3. Convenient Repairs: We’ll complete the repair at a location that suits you best.
  4. Drive Your Restored Car: Once the work is done, you’ll drive away in your newly repaired car, restored to its former condition.
  5. Share Your Experience: Feel free to leave a customer review on Facebook, joining the ranks of our satisfied customers.

Small Dent and Scratch Repair Costs

Most repairs cost less than your insurance excess, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional repair methods. Our commitment to transparency means you’ll receive a detailed quote before we commence any work, so you’ll always know the exact small dent and scratch repair cost.

General Repair Exclusions

While we excel in small dent and scratch repair, there are certain limitations to our services. Please note the following general repair exclusions:

  • Crash and Structural Damage: Extensive structural damage resulting from accidents falls outside our expertise.
  • Large Dents: Dents larger than an A4 piece of paper may require alternative repair methods.
  • Specialised Surfaces: We do not provide repair services for chrome and high-polished alloy wheels.
  • Lengthy Key Scratches: Extensive key scratches that span the length of your vehicle may necessitate different repair approaches.
  • Full-Panel Painting: Our focus is on targeted dent repairs, not full-panel painting.
  • Textured Plastic: Certain non-painted textured plastic surfaces may not be suitable for our repair techniques.
  • Deep Panel Scratches or Dents: Deeper scratches or dents on the roof, bonnet, and boot lid may require specialised attention.

Get a Quote for Mobile Dent Removal Costs

To discover the small dent and scratch repair costs or to obtain more information about our services, simply call 1300 286 824 to speak with our customer service team. We can arrange a FREE video call / Facetime quote, or if you prefer, complete our straightforward 3-step request form online. Let us help you restore your car’s pristine appearance with our expert small dent repair services.

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