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headlight restoration by The Touch Up Guys

Headlight Restoration.

Fully restore headlight damage for a fraction of the price of a new one.

Faded headlights (yellowing headlights) caused by the oxidisation of the surface of the outer cover, can cause a serious degradation in the effectiveness of the light itself. Some vehicle models of note have suffered this issue across the entire range! Dull headlights can devalue your vehicle particularly when it comes time to sell. Touch Up Guys Headlight Restoration System can eliminate the scratches and oxidisation followed by the addition of a UV coating to ensure longevity of the rejuvenated headlight surface. Being a mobile service, we are able to come to you for a FREE on-site quote to ensure we are able to provide a restoration process for your damaged headlights that exceeds your expectation.

Give Touch Up Guys a call today to arrange an inspection at your home or workplace.

Buff and Polish.

Keep your vehicle looking like new with a clear coat restoration.

Often an overlooked service, however almost every vehicle can benefit from our superior Touch Up Guys Buff & Polish System. Whether it be to rejuvenate faded or dull paintwork or to keep a new vehicle in a pristine state, a Touch Up Guys Buff and Polish can provide this to the highest level available on the market today.

Being a mobile service, we are able to come to you for a FREE on-site quote on the restoration of your clear coat including the removal of swirl marks via a superior Touch Up Guys Buff and Polish.

buff & polish of a car door by a Touch Up Guy technician
Installing a parking sensor on the car, the sensor malfunction of parking sensors

Safety Parking Sensors.

Helping to ensure the safety of children and pedestrians while reversing.

Touch Up Guys Safety Parking Sensors alert the driver to many of the hidden dangers which exist in blind spots, as well as minimising the chance of creating unsightly bumper and panel damage.

By installing Touch Up Guys Safety Parking Sensors, you will have an instant aid in safely reversing out of your driveway or at a car park. Too often tragic events headline the news whereby an undetected child is accidentally reversed over in their own driveway! Please note that any reversing aids such as Safety Parking Sensors and reversing cameras are only an aid and do not remove the responsibility of the driver to use all safety precautions while in motion.

Touch Up Guys can supply and install Safety Parking Sensors onsite in just a few hours, including the ability to perfectly match the colour of the sensors to your vehicles bumper colour. Most but unfortunately not all our vehicles allow for onsite parking sensors installation, so call us today to arrange a no-obligation FREE on-site quote at your home or the office.

Paintless Dent Removal.

Remove dents to your car doors and panels from shopping trolleys and other vehicle car doors.

These eye-sores are a very common occurence and can be eliminated via a service known as Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). Using a series of high tensile levers, the techniques involves “pushing” the dent from the inside outwards. By accessing the internal cavaties within the panel, leverage can be applied to carefully massage the stretched metal back into its original shape without breaking the painted surface.

As mentioned, a dent on a panel actually stretches the metal. This makes it impossible to simply push back into shape with a single (and opposite) force. PDR involves accurately pushing outwards on the dent dozens of times in order to massage the dent back into shape. PDR is a highly specialised service which does take years to develop. Not all Touch Up Guys provide PDR, but please call as we can refer you to an alternate provider, should your local Touch Up Guys does not offer PDR directly.

buff & polish of a car door by a Touch Up Guy technician

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