Isuzu Repair Services

We have a team of highly trained technicians with fully equipped repair vans available in all major cities across Australia who can come out to your home or workplace to do Isuzu bumper repairs, Isuzu paint repairs (including Isuzu scratch repairs) and Isuzu small panel repairs. Below is info on the repair techniques we use that ensure your repairs are high quality yet affordable… and are usually done on the same day (within a matter of hours) so you’re not without a car for days while it’s getting repaired.

Touch Up Guys have been car repair specialists for over 30 years. With a fleet of repair vans in all Australian states, we’ve made getting your car repaired easy and convenient. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality repairs with the customer service to match, and we use techniques that save you both time and money. If your Isuzu needs repairing, here is info on our Isuzu bumper repairs, Isuzu paint repairs and Isuzu small panel repairs

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Isuzu Bumper Repairs

The technique we use for Isuzu bumper repairs provides a high-quality finish without having the costly expense of replacing the bar – saving you both time and money (and saving you the inconvenience of losing your car to a repair shop for days). Most Isuzu bumper repairs are done on the same day, cost less than your insurance excess and if more advanced repairs are required, our technicians are trained to use Plastic Welding processes, Heat Re-shaping processes and specialised stapling techniques too.

Isuzu Paint Repairs

For Isuzu scratch repairs and other Isuzu paint repairs such as scuffs and chips, our technicians use a cost-effective alternative to respraying where we target smaller chips and scratches. And with over 55,000 different vehicle colours on-site, we can perfectly match the paint colour and surface level of your Isuzu’s original paintwork for an almost undetectable finish.

Isuzu Small Panel Repairs

For Isuzu small panel repairs we focus on restoring your car to its previous condition by repairing scuffs and dents on your car’s panels with quick and cost-effective techniques (most repairs are done in a matter of hours).

Additional Isuzu Car Repair Services

Our technicians also provide additional services that they can do while they’re there repairing your car. Our additional services include:

  • Headlight restoration
  • Buff & polish
  • Safety parking sensor installation
  • Paintless dent removal

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