Car Bumper Repairs Gold Coast

Experience the best in mobile car bumper repairs with Touch Up Guys Gold Coast. Our service is designed for your convenience, offering high-quality repairs conducted by trained technicians. With over 25 years as car repair specialists, we provide a mobile service that comes to your home or workplace, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule.

Our fleet of fully-equipped vans carries all the necessary tools and a wide range of over 55,000 vehicle paint colours to match your car’s exact shade. This expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services including:

Find out more about our mobile car repairs Gold Coast service below.

How Our Bumper Repairs Work in Gold Coast

For mobile bumper repairs in the Gold Coast, our fully mobile technicians will come to your home or workplace for a FREE on-site inspection so we can provide a quote and ensure we’re able to provide a repair that exceeds your expectations. The techniques we use for bumper repairs in the Gold Coast enable us to restore your car’s bumper to its previous condition without replacing the bar, saving you money! Because we come to you, you don’t lose your car to a panel repair shop for days, making bumper repairs in the Gold Coast convenient and easy.

Car Paint Repair Services in Gold Coast

Our car paint repair services address chips and scratches effectively. We use advanced colour-matching technology to ensure a seamless finish, matching your vehicle’s original colour from our extensive database of over 55,000 different vehicle colours. Most repairs are also more affordable than your insurance excess, providing a cost-effective solution for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance.

General Repair Exclusions

While we excel in various aspects of mobile bumper repairs in the Gold Coast, there are certain limitations to our services. Please note that we do not cover:

  • Crash and Structural Damage: Our expertise lies in addressing minor scratches and chips, and we do not handle extensive structural damage resulting from accidents.
  • Dents Larger Than an A4 Sheet: Dents exceeding the size of an A4 piece of paper fall outside the scope of our repair capabilities.
  • Chrome and High-Polished Alloy Wheels: We do not provide repair services for chrome and high-polished alloy wheels.
  • Key Scratches Extending the Length of the Vehicle: Extensive key scratches spanning the length of your vehicle may require a different approach.
  • Full Car, Bonnet, Roof, or Boot Panel Painting: Our focus is on targeted scratch and chip repairs rather than full-panel painting.
  • Some Non-Painted Textured Plastic: Certain types of non-painted textured plastic may not be suitable for our repair techniques.
  • Deep Panel Scratches or Dents on the Roof, Bonnet, and Boot Lid: Deeper scratches or dents on these areas may require specialised attention.

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Ready to restore your car’s bumper? Find your nearest Touch Up Guys technician in Gold Coast here. To book our services, call 1300 286 824 or complete our easy 3-step online request form. We’re committed to providing convenient, high-quality mobile car repair services right at your doorstep.

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