Alloy Wheel and Rim Repair Melbourne

When it comes to alloy wheel and rim repair in Melbourne, look no further than the Touch Up Guys. We’re your trusted team of mobile rim repair specialists, serving Melbourne and its surroundings with our purpose-built vans. Our mission is simple: to restore your alloy wheels to their original glory, addressing cosmetic issues like the dreaded ‘gutter rash.’ Explore the remarkable transformations in our before-and-after photos on our Alloy Wheel Repairs page, or continue reading to discover how easy it is to arrange an alloy wheel repair in Melbourne.

How to Arrange Rim Repair in Melbourne

Getting your scratched rim repaired in Melbourne has never been easier. Follow these three simple steps, and we’ll have your wheels looking impeccable again, all without you leaving your location:

  1. Capture the Damage: Armed with your mobile phone, step out to your vehicle and snap a few photos of the damaged rim.
  2. Use Our Fast Quote Form: Visit our Fast Quote form, upload the photos you just took, and provide us with some essential details.
  3. Await Our Call: Expect our prompt response, typically on the same day as your initial inquiry. Once you accept our quote, we’ll schedule a convenient time to visit you and perform the rim repair on your vehicle in Melbourne.

Should you prefer to speak directly with us or require more information, feel free to call us at 1300 286 824. You can also check out our FAQs for additional information.

Get A Quote Today From The Touch Up Guys

At the Touch Up Guys, we’re dedicated to making alloy wheel and rim repair in Melbourne a hassle-free experience for you. Our mobile repair experts, equipped with purpose-built vans, are committed to restoring your wheels to their original splendour. Say goodbye to unsightly damage like ‘gutter rash,’ and embrace the convenience of our three-step repair process. Contact us today, and let us transform your alloy wheels, all while you stay where you are. Trust us for excellence in rim repair in Melbourne.

General Repair Exclusions

While we excel at alloy wheel and rim repair, it’s important to note that there are certain limitations to our services. We do not cover the following:

  • Crash and Structural Damage: Our expertise focuses on cosmetic repairs, and we do not handle extensive structural damage resulting from accidents.
  • Dents Larger Than an A4 Sheet: Dents exceeding the size of an A4 sheet of paper fall outside our scope of repair capabilities.
  • Chrome and High-Polished Alloy Wheels: We do not provide repair services for chrome and high-polished alloy wheels.
  • Key Scratches Extending the Length of the Vehicle: Extensive key scratches spanning the length of your vehicle may require a different approach.
  • Painting of Full Cars, Bonnets, Roofs, or Boot Panels: Our specialisation lies in targeted rim repairs rather than full-panel painting.
  • Some Non-Painted Textured Plastic: Certain non-painted textured plastic surfaces may not be suitable for our repair techniques.
  • Deep Panel Scratches or Dents on the Roof, Bonnet, and Boot Lid: Deeper scratches or dents on these areas may require specialised attention.

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